Taking Action

Research, passion, and necessity drive action. Research provides a systematic method to understand social and academic phenomena. Passion provides the drive to further pursue issues, and action is the culminating force of them all.  There should be no research without action, and no action without passion. Chanelle considers action to be service to the educational community and meaningful engagement with stakeholders at all levels. Rethinking education can begin at the pre-service teacher preparation level, where we must critically examine what knowledge is being highlighted for future educators.

Chanelle standing at podium looking very confident
Chanelle sitting in a chair typing on her laptop

Chanelle incorporates Anti-Racist Pedagogy, principles of decolonization, tenets of Critical Race Theory, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, and Abolitionist Teaching in all of her work. The revolution of education is truly carried out through a multi-scaled effort, and we must attend to the in-service teacher and faculty level, where we are disrupting and reconstructing what it means to teach, to learn, and to develop knowledge with P-12 students. Finally, the revolution of education is one that cannot be sanitized, and that requires courageous conversations, informed decision-making, and the empowerment to endure.