Chanelle has a passion for using research to improve the educational experiences of marginalized groups. Research has the ability to help an instructor make choices that are empirically-based and in the best interest of his/her students. Research can also expand the perspectives of individuals, challenge their understandings, and introduce new information to confront what they thought they knew. One of the reasons why she pursues a career as a teacher scholar is because the positioning requires her to serve in the nexus between research and practice. The educators that she instructs will understand the power that comes from critical consumption to create better futures for their students.


Book cover for book titled Building Courage, Confidence and Capacity in Learning and Teaching through Student-Faculty Partnership

What happens in the brave spaces of pedagogical partnership? This collection includes ten chapters in which faculty-student pairs, or teams, tell their own stories of partnership in various contexts, including individual undergraduate courses across the disciplines, a graduate medical school, and institution-wide programs. The colleges and universities in which these stories unfold are small and large, public and private, and research- and teaching-focused institutions situated in Aotearoa New Zealand, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Pakistan, and various regions of the United States. Each story reveals how the brave spaces of student-faculty partnership foster mindsets and practices that support co-creation of learning and teaching experiences that strive to be equitable, engaging, and empowering. These stories are bookended by an introduction that defines terms, introduces the editors, and provides an overview of the chapters, and by a final chapter that explores examples of courage, confidence, and capacity that recur across stories chapter authors tell.

Book Chapters

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