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Dr. Chanelle Wilson (she/her) completed her undergraduate studies in Secondary Education and English, at Rowan University. She earned a Master of Education at Temple University, and collected data for her master’s thesis while completing a Fulbright, in South Africa. She earned a doctoral degree in Education Leadership, at the University of Delaware. Dr. Wilson is currently an Assistant Professor of Education in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Colleges Education Program and enjoys serving as the Director of Africana Studies at Bryn Mawr College. 
Dr. Wilson has served as a public school practitioner, teaching secondary education students, in the United States and around the world – this her 8th year teaching at the post-secondary level. She enjoys facilitating knowledge in a way that encourages personal connections, promotes critical thinking, highlights contemporary relevance, and necessitates justice. Her current scholarship focuses on race and anti-racism in education, decolonization of schools and the mind, students as teachers and learners, culturally relevant pedagogy in international schooling contexts, and multicultural education in K-12 settings. Dr. Wilson has a passion for using research to improve the educational experiences of marginalized groups, promoting equity and critical race-focused conversations: her life's goal is to rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize education to meet the needs of all children.
Dr. Wilson is the author of multiple scholarly journal publications, book chapters, and has presented over 15 papers at research conferences, domestic and internationally. She has collaborated with colleagues to inform policy and practice briefs, delivered invited keynotes, workshops, professional development sessions, and training programs for a spectrum of age groups, backgrounds, and variety of contexts and communities. Dr. Wilson is committed to social and racial justice. She is uniquely prepared to support people to engage with concepts of race and justice, encouraging self-introspection for outer transformation. She employs strategies of mindfulness and emotional support, with a steady underlying premise of joy and hope. Dr. Wilson is inspired by the continued work of her current and past participants. She truly believes that we can all change the world for the better, together.