Chanelle’s academic philosophy follows the wisdom of Nelson Mandela, that “education is the most powerful weapon which [a person] can use to change the world.” She is a firm believer in the power that one possesses with the understanding that ‘to know is to do better’. She embarked on a journey in education with the goal to be an agent of positive social change through education and has concluded that teacher training is the best avenue of effecting wide-scale transformation.  Education allows students the opportunity to chart their life’s path rather than to just accept what is handed to them. Her teaching ideals are aligned to constructivist ideology with a focus on active knowledge construction, rather than passive knowledge acquisition. Utilizing these pedagogical methods, students are provided the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and understanding, and in this way, lifelong learners are cultivated and supported.

Chanelle’s vision for education is one where leaders and teachers rethink, reimagine, and revolutionize teaching and learning. She has had real experience changing classrooms, in the field, and uses this background to effect change on a broader scale. Her goal of training pre-service and in-service teachers to educate students with 21st century skills goes beyond seamlessly incorporating technology in the classroom, though this is vital. Students must be guided through the process that instructs them how to navigate diverse social settings, construct knowledge for themselves, and critically interact with material – this begins with excellently preparing the individuals entrusted with the responsibility of instructing our future generations.

Chanelle smiling while standing in front of a tree